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Romance And Marriage While Living With MS

When my daughter was only a few weeks old, I was diagnosed with RRMS. My wife and I weren’t even married yet! We got married 6 months later, but we were practically already living together as a married couple with our daughter and 3 dogs. Lisa is extremely supportive in every aspect of my life and it’s no different with my RRMS. She was actually the reason I went to the doctor in the first place to get my eyes checked after I lost sight in one eye. She is always very keen to notice when I’m not feeling my best and is always trying to do things to make me feel better. I’m lucky to have a partner who understands the disease well and knows the various effects it can have.

Lisa and I try to do things on our own every week. We strive to have a private dinner out at a restaurant every couple of weeks. Sometimes, if that is not possible, we wait until the kids go to sleep, set the table nicely with candles, and have our own dinner date at home, just the two of us. It’s really important to get away with your significant other even if it’s just going down the street for ice cream.

Having a good relationship means having good communication and being able to talk about things like your fears, wants, and needs in life. My relationship has actually improved with my wife over the years because we have worked so much on our communication with each other, meaning there is nothing we don’t share with each other! I feel very fortunate to have Lisa’s love and support. I encourage you to communicate with your partner, keep your spontaneity alive, and don’t be afraid to be adventurous! It’s important we live each day to the best of our ability, despite living with this disease.